Debt & Money

Business Debtline – free, impartial and confidential debt advice to small businesses and the self-employed

Debt Camel – personal blog of Sara Williams, a debt adviser

Money Advice Service – free and impartial money advice, set up by government

Money Advice Trust – The Money Advice Trust helps people across the UK to tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence

The Money Charity – the UK’s financial capability charity

National Debtline – free, impartial and confidential debt advice

Payplan – money advice, debt solutions and access to a wide range of support services

Pre-action protocol for debt

Stepchange – money advice and debt solutions

TaxAid – the charity TaxAid advises only those people on low incomes whose problems cannot be resolved with HMRC

Tax Help for Older People – free, independent and expert help and advice for older people on lower incomes who cannot afford to pay for professional tax advice

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