Arjun’s story

Debt advice

Arjun was referred to Citizens Advice Watford because he wanted expert help with debt. Arjun had acquired debts because a family member had taken debts out in his name, without letting Arjun know.

Although of pension age, Arjun had managed to keep up debt payments by remaining in work, but on becoming ill he had had to resign and the debts had built up again. Arjun was very anxious about his debt situation and experiencing bad panic attacks.

As Arjun met the qualifying criteria, we helped him apply for Breathing Space, the Debt Respite scheme that gives people time to get advice and find an appropriate debt solution, whilst legally protected from creditor action. This immediately eased the stress Arjun was under, so he could the focus on finding a way forward.

We gave Arjun information about the different debt options available to him and he decided that he wanted to apply for a Debt Relief Order (DRO) because he saw no prospect of his financial circumstances improving in the medium term and had no disposable income.

We helped Arjun apply to the Insolvency Service for the Debt Relief Order. The application was successful and Arjun was enormously grateful, and very relieved, to now be debt free.

Names have been changed