Dina’s story

Domestic abuse

Dina came to Citizens Advice Watford with her baby seeking urgent help. She was distressed and frightened.

Dina was in a domestic abuse situation involving coercive control. Her partner was verbally abusive, manipulative and threatening.

We acted quickly. First, we obtained safeguarding advice from Adult Care Services and contacted the police who came to the office to speak with Dina. Advice was also sought from Watford Women’s Centre, Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline and also from Safer Places to secure an emergency place in a refuge.

Dina had no funds so she was given a food voucher and a Household Support Fund voucher. We helped Dina get the tenancy changed into her sole name and locks changed. Over the following weeks we supported Dina with stabilising her financial situation, helping her apply for a Universal Credit advance payment, Child Benefit and Council Tax Reduction. Dina was also given energy saving advice and helped to contact utility companies to get accounts changed to her own name and also ensure she was put on the low-income tariff and the Priority Services Register.

Dina was deeply grateful for our help with getting secure accommodation and income for her and her baby.

Names have been changed