Erina’s story

Housing advice

Erina came to Citizens Advice Watford about her housing situation. Erina had applied to her local Council’s Housing department to be rehoused but was unhappy with the banding she had been placed in. She wanted our help to appeal.

Erina and her husband lived with their children in a two-bedroom Housing Association flat. Two of their children had severe health conditions and Erina explained that their accommodation was highly unsuitable for the family. They had therefore applied to be rehoused and now wanted to appeal their banding allocation on medical, social/welfare and overcrowding grounds.

Erina gave consent for us to speak with other professionals involved with the family who were in strong agreement that the family needed more suitable accommodation. We also sought expert advice about Erina’s situation, and identified what evidence would be required to support her appeal in accordance with the Council’s procedures.

We helped Erina to write to the Council, setting out the reasons for her appeal and supplying the necessary evidence from other professionals to support her request for an improved banding allocation on medical and welfare grounds.

The appeal was successful and as a result the family were soon able to move out of the property which had had a detrimental impact on the family’s health and wellbeing, and into a new home which met their needs.

Names have been changed