Leena’s story

Benefit appeal

Leena was homeless and living in temporary accommodation. She had been the victim of domestic violence and suffered from serious mental health conditions. Leena was referred to Citizens Advice Watford to appeal a DWP decision about her Personal Independence Payment.

Leena had been in receipt of Personal Independent Payment (PIP) and called the DWP to inform them that her health conditions had worsened. Whilst on the phone the DWP Adviser explained that her PIP award was due for review and conducted the review on that same call – Leena felt unprepared and unsupported. The DWP then wrote to Leena advising that the outcome of the review was that she was no longer eligible for PIP and her award would end.

Our expert Benefits Adviser helped Leena request a Mandatory Reconsideration. This was unsuccessful so Leena was supported with completing the lengthy appeal paperwork. The Adviser helped Leena explain in detail how her mental health conditions impacted her daily life and her ability to execute specific tasks, including the fact that she needed prompting to initiate tasks and assistance to carry them out. The Adviser helped Leena to set out precisely why her PIP should be reinstated.

Leena was hugely relieved to win her appeal and this positive outcome helped her to start to build her life back together.

Names have been changed