Paul’s story

Disability benefits advice

Paul came to Citizens Advice Watford because he wanted advice about Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Paul had been in receipt of PIP for several years due to long term mental illness, but even though there had been no improvement in Paul’s health, after a recent PIP Review he had had the benefit withdrawn.

Paul explained that he had been awarded 0 points after his PIP Review assessment, thereby removing his eligibility for the benefit. Previously Paul has been awarded sufficient points to be awarded a standard level award for the Daily Living component of PIP.

We supported Paul with submitting a request to the DWP for a Mandatory Reconsideration. The Adviser went through all the PIP descriptors with Paul, discussing the detailed impact of his health condition on each, and helping him put this information in the Mandatory Reconsideration letter which was sent to the DWP, along with medical evidence Paul obtained from his GP.

A very positive outcome was achieved. The DWP wrote to advise Paul that his PIP was being reinstated, and also that as a result of the information and evidence he had supplied, he had been assessed as eligible for an enhanced level award for the Daily Living component of PIP and also a standard level award for the Mobility element of PIP. In addition, Paul received a back payment of over £2,500.

Names have been changed