With less than three weeks to polling day, Citizens Advice Watford hosted a meeting on Monday 17th June with Watford’s election candidates Dean Russell (Conservative), Ian Stotesbury (Liberal Democrat), and Matt Turmaine (Labour), to brief them on the organisation’s priority actions for the new government. Steph Sykes, Campaigns Manager, explains: “Through our frontline advice we […]

Read the new report from Citizens Advice explaining how the disability benefits system is broken. Our new report, Disability benefits: lessons from the front line, details how the system has not adapted to a world where disability and ill health are more prevalent, and more complex in terms of the variation of impact on people’s […]

Citizens Advice Watford is looking for people to join their volunteer team. Could you be a people’s champion in your community? A local independent charity, Citizens Advice Watford provides advice and advocacy to 8,000 people a year in crisis or facing difficult situations. Volunteers are on hand daily, helping people to understand their rights, support […]

Local company highlights the life-changing impact the charity has for many people in the town. Watford based industry leaders Sigma Pharmaceuticals are proud to continue their track record of supporting the community by fundraising for local charitable causes.   At Sigma’s recent annual conference held in Sun City, South Africa, £20,000 was raised for Citizens Advice […]

The impact of soaring rents on struggling households has been highlighted in Citizens Advice Watford’s recent report on housing insecurity in the Watford. With many households facing the threat of eviction, cutting back on essentials, skipping meals, seeking help from foodbanks, building up debt and bailiffs at the door have been inevitable consequences of the […]

Citizens Advice Watford urges those eligible for Pension Credit to apply by 5th March. Applying by this date may give you a cost of living payment of £299.  Citizens Advice Watford is drawing attention to the window – as residents may not be aware there is still an opportunity to get the cost-of-living payment. National […]

Read our advice about your rights and responsibilities. To work out if your landlord is responsible you’ll need to find the cause of the damp and mould. This can take time unless there’s a clear cause, like bad insulation or a leaking roof. Damp is when an area of your property doesn’t dry out, often […]

Online shopping can be convenient and save you time — but whether you’re shopping for your loved one’s presents, festive decorations or just treating yourself, make sure you take steps to protect yourself. How you can be #ShopAware? Here’s our top tips to avoid scams and help you shop online safely this festive season: 1. […]

If you’re in debt to your energy supplier — you should speak, seek, save. It’s important to speak to your energy supplier as soon as possible. Here’s what you need to know… Speak to you energy supplier If you’re struggling to afford your bills, you should contact your supplier as soon as possible. Your supplier has […]

Freezing benefits causes hardship — it’s essential that the government raises them next month in the Autumn  Statement. Inflation may be starting to slow down for some goods, but the cost of living remains significantly higher than it was at this time last year. Our analysis suggests that the average low-income household has seen monthly […]

We’ve broken down the information you need to know about your energy bills. No matter which energy supplier you’re with, the following information will be on your bill, even if the bills look different — and your costs for gas and electricity will be separated out even if you receive one bill. The key things […]